Curriculum vitae (CV) as a document provides the minutes of experiences and qualifications of a person has very important value in the process of recruitment of personnel required for a job / activity. Specifically in the procurement process of a project, the qualification of personnel (experts) has increasingly prioritized weight rating in the process of evaluation of the project bidding documents. One of the instruments used to evaluate the qualifications of the proposed personnel / experts is the curriculum vitae.

In an effort to facilitate the process of CV evaluation, the procurement committee has provided a standard format of the CV that must be fulfilled by the bidders. The presence of qualified and standardized CV’s format that has been specified in the bidding process, the consultants (individual / company) are required to present the CVs of the proposed personnel / expert candidates to be more informative and easier for the procurement committee in conducting the evaluation process.

For additional information, the consultants (especially companies) in the preparation of bidding documents related to the composition of a proposed team of experts (personnel) are required to attach the CV and it completeness (diploma, certificate, reference work, etc.) in accordance with a the specified format. In present the CVs, the level of difficulty will depend on the format of the original CV submitted by the expert candidates to the consulting firm.

The original CV can be said as a a basic substance in the process of preparing the CV in accordance with the specified qualification and format. If the provided basic substance is relatively good, then for the preparation and presentation of the CV is relatively easy. Conversely, if the availability of basic substance is very minimalist, it will be more difficult in the process of preparing and arranging of CV.

Although the basic substances of CV relatively minimalist, we should readjust the CV becomes more informative, so the key qualifications in accordance with requested requirements, at the same time presenting the CV in accordance with the specified format without changing the substance of the CV. A ccondition that need to be avoided in the preparation of CV with a minimalist basic substance is manipulate the substance of CV of experts candidates, thus their qualification imposed to match with the specified requirements. Even in extreme conditions, CV manipulation can be performed by replacing their working experiences with working experience of others that better meet the requirements.

CV manipulation activities could be a serious problem for the consulting firm and the concerned expert candidates, especially if the consultant has been declared as winner. The hardest risk is blacklisted by procurement committee or the project donors.

Based on the above description, it can be said that a safe way in the preparation and presentation of CV of the proposed experts is by readjusting, while manipulating CV is an activity that is relatively easy and fast but more dangerous. Readjusting CV is an art and requires perseverance, while manipulating CV is a shortcut but misleading.

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