If we hear the "injury time" word, most of us would think about football immediately, due the word is very familiar to the football community. Of course, despite the word identical to football, this article will not discuss about football. In this paper, the "injury time" only to describe a very crucial time before the expiry of a deadline of project bidding documents submission. As discussed in previous articles, in the project bidding process, the procurement committees always give a deadline for the consultant (individual/company) to submit the bidding documents by online or non-online.

The injury time is said to be very crucial because at that time is a "work-slack period" for the bidding preparation team. The slack can be caused by (i) tired both physically and mind, or the slack caused by (ii) mentally of the team which are assume that they certainly as winner for the project procurement.

Related to the item (i) above, the physical and minds tiredness of the team at injury time is reasonable and humane. As information, bidding documents preparation is usually carried out by consultants in marathon (day and night) and will intensify just before the specified deadline. This condition of course spent energy and minds that lead to tiredness of the preparation team, so at injury time, the concentration of the team is often unfocused which can result in non-fulfillment of several requirements of document or too late on bidding documents submission.

While related to the item (ii) above, the assumption that a winning that imagined before is often make heady of the slackness. In such conditions, usually the team will underestimate to the quality and completeness of the required documents, and it can void to consultant participation because the document is considered not responsive.

If the money value of the proposed projects is big, and with reference to the above description, it can be said that at injury time, one second could mean billions of money. Never assume the "game" was over before the deadline expires, because all possibilities can still occur, especially during "work-slack period"" in a process for the bidding documents preparation. The winning that imagined before, can be lost because of careless during the injury time. Likewise, a defeat which would seem to be as the final result, it could turn into a sweet winning, if our competitors proved to be careless during the injury time.

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