Aanwijzing is a familiar term for the consulting firms. Aanwijzing is one of steps in the process of project bidding, which is an explanations provision related to the substance of the procurement document from the procurement committee to bidders (consultants). The substances explained by procurement committee include the following substances: (i) the requirements and procedures for the of documents submission, (ii) administrative and technical documents, (iii) the budget, (iv) the terms of reference, and (v) other matters related to any changes in the document substances.

Besides the explanation, in the process of aanwijzing also includes a question and answer process between the procurement committee with participants including certain decisions that require collective agreement. The results of aanwijzing, then published in a minutes of meeting which is agreed and signed by representatives of both parties, and used as a document that is not separated with the previous procurement documents. As a unity of procurement documents, the minutes of aanwijzing can be said as "the highest reference base" for the consultants as bidders in the process of preparation and submission of the bidding documents.

Referring to the above description, the consultant (individual / firm) should not ignore the aanwijzing activities that have been scheduled by the procurement committee. By attending aanwijzing, the consultants (as bidders) will understand directly the substances of procurement documents and it amendments. In an effort to complement the understanding as mentioned, we also must be careful about the minutes of aanwijzing to anticipate the crucial explanations which are missed during attending the aanwijzing.

By ignoring the aanwijzing, it can be fatal for the consultant, which disqualified as bidder for not accommodate the things that have been agreed in aanwijzing, although in substance the proposal documents is very greats. A simple illustration is as follows: in the procurement documents provided by the auction committee to bidders mentioned that the submission deadline is at certain day and a certain date at 2.00 pm. Upon aanwijzing, there were changes that had been agreed that the document submission deadline be on the same day and date, but the time of submission moved forward into 10.00 am. Firm "A" that has a chance to winning the tender is more favored than the other bidders, turns ignore the aanwijzing activities and also do not look at the minutes sent by the procurement committee. Due they still refer to the previous tender documents that have not been updated by the minutes of aanwijzing, the Firm “A” submit their bidding documents ahead to 14:00 pm, automatically the documents will rejected because its submission exceeded the deadline specified in the minutes of aanwijzing ie at 10.00 am, thus considered to void within the project tender process.

Referring to a simple illustration mentioned above, then the consultant should not ignore the activities and instructions, in order not "stumbled" by insignificant problems that can cause fatal losses.

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