At this time, experts are a very important asset for consulting firms, both in winning process of project bidding or the management of a running project. The quality of an expert (specialization and experiences period) could be more value for the consulting firm and the client, due the experts with great quality is a guarantee that can give the feeling of "safe" and "comfortable" in the management of a project.

An expert with great quality can be “a star” that "fought over" by many consulting firms, especially when there is a tender for a prestigious project. These conditions are rights for an expert to make the choice based on the bargaining position given by the consulting firm. If an expert has determined the choice to a firm, and has completed the tasks and responsibilities in the project, can the expert claimed as owned by the firm?

Back refers to the title of this article; an expert can be claimed as owned by a consulting firm for the following reasons:

  1. The expert is a permanent staff of the firm defined by an appointment certificate (or similar) from the firm management and it known by the expert
  2. The expert is still tied by a contract with the firm for a certain period

Besides the reasons stated above, it is actually an expert is an independent professional and not owned by a firm. Based on this thought, the most important thing for a consulting firm to do is how to maintain a good relationship with the experts who have worked contractually. Within an ongoing project management, the firm must "present" intensively in the project in order to give a touch of management required by experts, then in the end will be born "sense of belonging" on expert spirits to the consulting firm.

Sense of belonging to the firm of an expert is an important thing to be kept, then for the next partnership will be based on mutual trust between the two sides without having to make a unilaterally claim.

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