Consultant Management System (CMS) of ADB is an online portal provided by the Asian Development Bank that contains information on procurement of consultancy services addressed to individual consultants and consulting firms. If we registered in the CMS ADB, we will obtain the CMS Registration Number and information of project opportunities on a regular basis.

However, many of us are not familiar about this portal of CMS ADB, so not yet know what and how to register on the portal. If you are interested please register (click here). Furthermore, at the right of the registration menu there are two options: (1) Register as Consulting Firm, dan (2) Register as Individual Consultant (please selected according to your needs). Follow the steps that guided by the CMS system, fill in the data and information correctly and accurately on the provided forms. If completed, there will be a notice from CMS ADB via email related activation you should do once you will get a CMS Registration Number.

CMS Registration Number of ADB, of course has prestige if we specified in our Curriculum Vitae. Well, what are you waiting, come on register in CMS ADB immediately.

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