As described in a previous article (read: Evaluation Elements for Experts Qualification Assessment), in substance the composition of the experts included in the technical proposal documents and have the highest weight rating compared to other technical elements (mainly for projects related to management consulting). Referring to the article, the usual activities undertaken by consulting firms (as bidders) during the bidding process is arranging a experts team composition as well as possible which is taken from the database that they have.

During arranging the proposed expert candidates, the usual activity performed by consulting firms is just limited on candidates’ availability confirmation. In fact is still common, the consulting firms just proposing the expert candidates without first confirming their availabilities. At this time, the conditions should no longer be performed by consulting firms, due reviewed from employment relationship, the experts and consulting firm is partner who have a parallel position, each bound in the rights and obligations.

Based on the above description, the negotiation process should have been performed during the bidding process and not during the mobilization time (if the firm won the project tender). The negotiations during project bidding process will provide inputs to expert candidates for approval participation consideration in the specific project management related to their rights, duties and responsibilities. Moreover, the negotiation process at that stage would place the expert candidates in the same bargaining power with the consulting firm.

Otherwise if during the bidding process is not / has not been carried out the negotiations with the expert candidates, at time to be bidding winner, these factors can result in problems, that is related to availability and mobilization of the proposed experts.  This condition may occur due the proposed experts did not agree with the agreement concerning the rights and responsibilities that will be received. Even more extreme, for consulting firms, such conditions may be considered not capable as the implementer of the project, due the firm is not able to meet the amount quota of experts’ replacements as required.

At the end of this article, one thing that needs to be underlined is if viewed from working relationship, the consulting firm and experts is a partner that each has the rights and obligations. The negotiation process should have been performed during the bidding process, not during mobilization process will begin.

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