In a previous article described the roles of "Bidding Squad" (read: The Squad of Bidding Documents – Those who Forgotten behind the Success of a Project), this article will describe related to the important roles of "invoice team" in a project management process, especially concerning with project financing billing.

In simple terms, the definition of the invoice is a document used as billing statement to be paid by a customer. Based on such definition, the main task of the invoice team in a consulting firm is preparing the documents relating to payments that have been issued by the firm to finance a project implementation as evidence to be billed to the client. The smoothness level of invoices process of course will greatly affect to the firm’s cash flows, so if the invoice process is often challenging, it will be very disruptive impact on the firm's financial stability not only in project management but also to the firm's employees.

Considering the importance of billing smoothness of project management costs, the consulting firm also should not ignore the existence and roles of invoice team. In the consulting firms that manage several projects in parallel, it is seen clearly workload of the invoice team, especially if the managed projects are large projects with a broad scope of areas.

Setting up a "backup" of invoice is not an easy task due they have to adjust the cost structure in the contract with the real situation in the field. In the conditions required timely invoicing and should be parallel to prepare invoice documents from several projects, the invoice teams are required to work in marathon (day & night), so that the work can be completed timely. The workload conditions such as, of course, very influential to energy, minds, and emotions of the invoice team.

Besides the performance, one aspect that needs to be appreciated from the team invoice is their loyalty to the company is how to keep "security" of the invoice documents from inspection and findings which is performed by the relevant agencies. The invoice documents prepared in carelessly and recklessly, can result fatal impacts for a consulting firm i.e. the consequence of a refund, blacklisted even as criminal acts.

Once again, view the roles and responsibilities of invoice team as the above description; it is appropriate if the invoice team gets its own appreciation from the consulting firm. Please, do not ignore the invoice team....

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