How would you feel, if at some point get into a restaurant and ordered fried rice, then evidently that is served by the waiter to you is chicken porridge? Of course you will have mixed feelings among confused, upset, and even if you're a high emotional condition; possibility the waiter will be exposed by your nagging.

Illustration of the title and story above is a fairly simple analogy of the basic philosophy of the proposals (technical and financial) in a bidding process. Basically in a proposal should be able to describe our understanding of the proposed project.

Back to the illustration above, the chicken porridge and fried rice has the same basic ingredients are rice, but how to make it (methodology) of course very different from that boiled (chicken porridge) and fried (fried rice). At this stage, in terms of how to make it, the output produced is certainly different, although in the same basic ingredients, namely rice. If we still impose the next processes, t is definitely the end result will be very different. Moreover, if we still serve the chicken porridge to the buyer who is clearly ordered fried rice, will only show the our ignorance to the ordered work.

Referring to the above illustration which is as basic philosophy of the of proposals preparation in a bidding process, the consultant (individual/company) should first have a good understanding to the proposed project / activity. If we feel not understand it, in the proposal writing we should consult with source persons (experts) related to the project, so the proposals (technical and financial) which we proposed can satisfy the procurement committee and we are considered professionals. Such conditions will be considered by the procurement committee with a special assessment as a winner candidate for the project.

Conversely, if we've been wrong in providing an overview of the project understanding, we will get a bad image from the procurement committee about the quality of our professionalism.

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