In general, a work experience certificate can be interpreted as a reference letter issued / published by the employer to the executing party of the work (individual / organization) related to the work implementation performance over a specified period.

For the executing party, the work experience certificate is very important due it can add "commercial value" for him/herself. Existence the certificate closely related to the curriculum vitae (CV), because it is associated with a list of experience specified in the CV. By attaching work experience certificates in the CV, we can assure the experiences we have for interested parties.

In the process of project procurement related consulting services (specific for projects funded by the Indonesia state budget), the work experience certificate is a required condition that must be attached to prove their experiences. For individual, although the experience described in the CV is very good, but without attach work experience certificates, the experiences are not given ratings.

Referring to the above description, then we should not ignore the work experience certificatess

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