In a project bidding process, the composition of the proposed experts to handle the project has great significance in the assessment of the submitted bid documents. In substance, the composition of the experts included in the technical proposal documents and have the highest weight rating compared to other technical elements (mainly for projects related to management consulting). The consulting firm needs to examine the composition and qualification of experts who have been required by the clients to get optimal value from the proposed experts’ composition.

In the process of expert candidates’ selection to be proposed, the consulting firm should conduct a preliminary assessment prior to macro qualifications owned by the candidates through their curriculum vitae. The next process is scoring and weighting to determine the micro qualification of experts candidate. In general, there are three elements of expert qualifications as the basis for calculating the scoring and weighting process, i.e.:

  1. General qualification, which includes educational background, education degree and years of graduation. Weight rating of the general qualification is about 30% of the total weight.
  2. Relevant experience. This qualification includes duration / period related to the project type and position held also scope of the assignments in projects ever handled. The weight rating of this qualification is about 50% of the total weight.
  3. Overseas/Country/Local Experiences (if required).  The weight of this qualification is about 20% of the total weight.

As a note, weight rating for each elements of the qualifications mentioned above are not absolute weight, we should still refer to the procurement guideline documents provided by the procurement committee. To perform scoring and weighting should be made a special formulation with calculation elements of the qualifications remain refers to the criteria as required. Through formulation of these calculations we can make the simulation of experts’ team composition to get "the dream team" which we will propose in the bidding documents to the procurement committee.

The understanding related qualification assessment elements of experts candidate as described above will help us in making decisions related to both of proposed or not proposed for experts candidate in a project bidding process. Besides it will also be easier to explain to the experts’ candidate who canceled to be proposed referring to the results of the realistic calculation of qualification.

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