Contract, is a word that become the main target of the consultants. Get a contract from a series of projects bidding process is not an easy work, due we have to compete with the competitors from various aspects. Project contract is a legal basis for the winner of project procurement selection in conducting the project. Prior to the signing of a contract, first performed clarification and negotiation process by the client to the bid documents submitted by the winner.

Clarifications and negotiations conducted on the technical proposal and the financial proposal documents. Once an agreement is reached between the two parties, then performed the process of signing a contract between the client as the employer with the consultant as the implementer.

As a legal basis in the implementation of the project, the substance contained in the project contract documents should be understood by the two parties concerned, especially by the consultant.

The conditions that often occurs is the consultant did not assess the contract clauses carefully, and sometimes ignore it, so the implementation process often encountered problems and resulting the outputs of the project is not as expected, even in terms of costs could result in financial losses for the consultant.

Referring to the above rationale, then after the signing of a contract, it should perform the in-depth assessment of the contract by project management team appointed by the company. The main objectives of the in-depth assessment are to examine the substance of a contract documents also to formulate implementation scenarios by carefully.

Review to the contract substances, among others, relating to the suitability of the format / type of contract used by the type of work performed. If a discrepancy is found then this issue can be discussed with the client for changes to the contract immediately.

Meanwhile, if the results of the reviews on the type / format of contract used is appropriate, then should performed a review of the clauses contained therein as the basis for the implementation project both from the aspects of administrative, technical, and financial.

As mentioned above, the in-depth assessment activity is also expected to result in a formulation of project implementation scenarios related to the allocations of personnel, costs, and time within the limitation period of the project implementation.

As a profit-oriented company, the project will be lead to the implementation scenario in terms of internally real financing versus financing stated within the contract, as well as the rate of costs absorption could be charged to the client in the predetermined rules corridor.

Based on the above description, the in-depth assessment of  a contract must be performed in order to project implementation can provide a reasonable profit for the company in a comfortable atmosphere. If the in-depth assessment is ignored, a while this condition can make you sleep uneasy about the troubled project.

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