The title of this article is an expression which is becomes an anecdote for the team of bidding documents preparation in carrying out their duties. As we know, in the preparation of the bidding documents, the deadline of submission is become as one of limiting factors. In normally, the procurement committee in fact has given sufficient time to the consultant in preparing the documents. However, due the consulting firm in running their business depend to look for projects, so during the “project bidding season”, this condition will make as overloaded moment for the firms, because the submission of bidding documents can occur in marathon even accumulate on the same day.

At the beginning, the strategy of bidding documents preparation is usually planned well through a special meeting by the preparation team. The early strategy is usually known as Plan A, but as time goes on as well as any changes which are not in accordance with the early plan, it will be made to plan B and plan C to anticipate even if the early strategy (Plan A) is not running. Due to the deadline of the document submission is closer, and other projects bidding activities should be carried out in parallel, then Plan C usually also be turned into the next plans.

Near the injury time, the changes of strategy will usually be more intensive until finally will be born the last strategy, namely plan Z. The last strategy (Plan Z) is the bidding documents as quantity can be submit to the procurement committee rather than late on submission. The plan Z is more emphasis on quantity rather than quality during the deadline closing, or it can simply be said with the term "quantity go first, rather than late and failed in the procurement".


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