The discussion of proposal arrangement is more emphasis on basic understanding on how to prepare a proposed activity to be implemented. In terms from the procurement system, a proposal documents can be submitted by:

  1. Proposal documents prepared under procurement system held by the agencies / private / organization. In this system, each of the bidders who have passed the qualifying phase will be invited to submit a proposal documents (both technical and financial proposal). The substance of the proposals is determined based on the terms of reference (ToR), so the proposal should accommodate the ToR;
  2. Proposal documents prepared under the initiative of individuals/communities/organizations/ groups who saw the opportunity of a business / activity that can be developed in a specific area. This proposal documents hereinafter offered to agencies/private sectors expected to be the funder of the proposed activities.

On the substance of a proposal usually consists of two kinds, i.e.:

  1. Technical Proposal, which is a proposal document containing the description of proposed activities related to (i) the background also includes the objectives, scope of works, scope of areas, expected results / outputs, (i) an understanding of the activities to be undertaken, (ii) the approach and methodology that will be used, (iii) the composition of the personnel who will be involved and the job descriptions, (iv) work plan, and (v) work schedule of activities
  2. Financial Proposal, which is a proposal document containing the description the needed costs to be expended in the implementation of activities in accordance with the technical proposal documents. 

Both types of proposals mentioned above, in preparation of the proposals should present a logical conformity with each other so that the proposed activities are reasonable to be implemented. Referring to the substance, the proposal should be prepared by a party that really understands to the substance and scope of works to be implemented.

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