The title of this article inspired by a sentence which is always written in any the old version document of Request For Proposal (RFP) from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which is intended for consulting firms considered qualified to participate in the bidding process of a project. RFP is a document that contains detailed guidelines for consulting firms (which are invited to participate in the bidding process) in preparing bid documents / technical and financial proposals in line with standards of ADB Guidelines.

Of course, in this article will not discuss about the RFP of ADB but as mentioned above, the "Read this Document Carefully" sentence is the most important thing that needs to be performed for the consultants prior to preparing bidding documents for the project at every stages.

As we know, for the project procurement process in general divided into two stages, i.e.: pre-qualification / expression of interest and bidding documents (proposals) submission. At each stage, the procurement committee gives the documents to bidders that contain detailed guidelines related to the preparation / formulation and procedures of documents submission.

For bidders, the most important thing and the first to be conducted by the consultant (individual / company) is to read and understand carefully to clauses contained in the guidance documents. Although it has been used to following the project procurement process (there is a term of memorized by rote), we must always keep carefully to understand the contents of the document provided by the procurement committee, due to frequent changes seem insignificant but very substantial that we did not predicted previously.

The assumption that every procurement guideline documents provided by the committee is same in substance, it is a careless stance which can be fatal i.e. the bid documents submitted by the consultant will be rejected / fall by the procurement committee for unresponsive documents. If this happens, we will lose before the game.

To avoid this condition, there is nothing wrong if we always and always observe the guidance documents provided by procurement committee such as the title of this article….. Read this document carefully.

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