In the previous articles has been described that in general a proposal consists of two types, i.e.: (i) Technical Proposal, and (ii) Financial proposal. In substance, a technical proposal basically consists of an understanding of how to carry out the proposed activities in the proposal from the preliminary stage to the completion stage of the work (in certain activities even reached to the stage of post-completion of work).

Based on the descriptions above, it can be said that a technical proposal may reflect the ability / expertise / professionalism of those who propose the activities. As an effort to produce a technical proposal which is systematic, focus and logically, first we need to design an outline of the technical proposal.

The outline of technical proposal used for project procurement is usually determined by the committee with reference to request for proposal documents. In general, the outline which commonly used includes:

  1. Introduction, which includes the background, objectives, scope of works, expected outputs, period of project implementation and location of activities.
  2. Understanding of the proposed project
  3. Approaches and methodology used for project implementation
  4. Organization of proposed personnel team
  5. Work plan and work schedule
  6. Profile of the consultant (optional)

The detailed explanation of the technical proposal outline mentioned above will be described in further articles.

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