C. Approaches and Methodology

Approaches and methodology can be considered as the "spirits" of a technical proposal, because it "represents" our ability to carry out the proposed project in effective, efficient, acceptable, and satisfy to all related parties concerning to the project. Some aspects that need to be shown in this section, among others, are as follows:

  1. Approaches. This section is more emphasis on the "what" that can be used as a rationale in the implementation of the proposed project. The proposed approaches can in the form of a regulation approach as the "umbrella" of legality both national and local, regional approach (accessibility, acceptability, potential and constraints, etc.) as well as a theoretical approach which is used as a basis for developing methodologies.
  2. Logical Framework. This section is a framework of project implementation activities that connecting among the objectives, approaches, processes, outputs and outcomes of the proposed project. The logical framework in a technical proposals used as a reference in the preparation of the methodology to be applied, and the presentation of a logical framework is usually in the form of tabulation or flowcharts.
  3. Methodology. Preparation of a methodology should be arranged after the logical framework has been created, so the methodology can be more systematic, focused and logical according to the stages of  the proposed project implementation.

As a "spirit" of technical proposal, the approach and methodology should be arranged by the party who really understand to the proposed project.

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