Organization of Personnel Team

This section describes the requirement of personnel as executor of the proposed project which is arranged based on the duties and expertise required in the implementation of the proposed project. In addition it would be great if we can describes the organizational structure of personnel team so can be seen the flows of coordination and responsibility of the team.

Work Plan and Work Schedule

The work plan is an elaboration of a methodology based on the stages of work ranging from the preparation, implementation until completion of the proposed project (in specific proposed project also asked the reporting stages) .In this section also needs to be described in the personnel involved in every step of the activities.

Work schedule is a description of activities related to the stages of activities based on the allocation of time in accordance with a certain time restrictions that has been determined. The schedule is usually presented through tabulation in the form bar chart.

Profile of the Consultant

Although it is optional, in the technical proposal also should show the profile of the consultant who will carry out the proposed project. This is performed so that the client knows the experiences and abilities of prospective implementers of the proposed project.

The composition of the outline above is not absolute because it depends on the "taste" of each of the related parties of the proposed project.


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