Some basic principles that need to be considered in the proposal writing are as follows:

  1. Systematic. A proposal should be arranged systematically so that the flow of activities and the proposed costs allocation is more easily understood by the client, so it is expected when the proposal first read, it will 'stimulate' to continue until the end of the proposal.
  2. Focus. In preparing a proposal should be focused on the proposed activities will be delivered, especially related to the scope of works, scope of the area, and the used methodology. The unfocused proposals will obscure the real essence of substance.
  3. Logical. A proposal must be logically related to the correlation between the objectives, scope of work, methodology and expected results. Illogical proposal will only show to the client that we do not understand the substance of the proposed activities.
  4. Reasonable. This principle is emphasized to a financial proposal arrangement refer to the technical proposal. A financial proposal should be based on reasonable prices prevailing in certain areas and at certain times. Although the submitted technical proposal meets the three principles like mentioned above, but if the financial proposals filled by unreasonable costs, the proposal will be considered as something that is not feasible to be conducted.

The understanding of the proposal writing principles like mentioned above are expected to be the basis for entrepreneurs in preparing a good proposal expected to more improving their business.

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