A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that provides an overview / minutes of experiences and qualifications of a person in a specific time period. At this time the CV is one of the documents used by personal and institutions in selecting candidates human resources needed in accordance with the criteria and qualifications that have been determined.

Viewed from the aspects of marketing, curriculum vitae can be considered as one of tools to market the experiences, abilities, expertise, and skills of a person that has a commercial value to those who need it. Referring to the above description, then the process of preparation, arrangement, and presentation of curriculum vitae is very important so every experiences and qualifications that we have can be presented in informative.

In general, how to present the curriculum vitae vary considerably depending on the “tastes” of each personnel, but in specific, the presentation of curriculum vitae are required to follow the format / template that has been defined.

Related to a project procurement/project bidding documents, the presentation of the curriculum vitae of the proposed experts are required to follow the specified format (e.g. the state budget's format, the Asian Development Bank’s format, the World Bank's format, etc.).  If we misinterpret on presenting the CV as the requested format, it will be fatal that we considered unresponsive to the provisions applied. This would be very adverse both bidders and candidates proposed experts.

Description of curriculum vitae overview mentioned above, at least can give an idea to us that the "our curriculum vitae is a reflection of qualifying ourselves", by reading our CV, others will be able to assess how our competence without having to meet with us first.

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