A project said to be successful if it implementation and management can produce outputs in accordance with the indicators and specifications that have been determined by the client as well as to provide appropriate profit targets of the consulting firm. The success of a project also can provide comfort for the clients and the implementers of project, because the administrative, technical and financial are still within the law and regulations.

The success of a project is often identical with it management team, so the team will receive a special assessment by all of the project implementers. But in fact, one thing which is often forgotten behind the success of a project is the existence of "The Squad of Bidding Documents". (TSBDs). The TSBDs is a term for a team in charge for the processes of preparation, arrangement, and submission of project bidding documents to the procurement committee. As already known, a bidding process, especially at stage of the proposal documents submission (technical and financial) that becoming as critical point is the deadline of submission date.

The deadline for a work in general terms of the procedural is something that should be exists for the company. Instead, for a consulting firm, the deadline of bidding documents submission can be an energy-consuming thing for their human resources. As we know, a consulting firm in running their operations depends on the number of projects gained, so as much as possible are required to follow the project bidding process.

Often the cases, in a certain time a consulting firm must submit the bidding documents (technical and financial) for some projects package with the submission deadline are almost simultaneously. In these conditions, the existence of TSBDs will require a maximum both in terms of physical, mind and psychology in order to complete the well tasks before the specified deadline. For additional information, TSBDs working hours on overload conditions can work continuously for days with minimal rest periods.

Based on the descriptions above, it can be said the roles TSBDs in the bidding documents submission stage is very vital. Besides required condition of physical, thoughts, and psychological in excellence, are also required have a high level of loyalty. Without a high loyalty of TSBDs, it will be very easy to make sabotage against the bidding document that resulted in the defeat of the procurement.

Referring to the above discussion, it can be said that a successful consulting firm to get a lot of large projects certainly supported by very tough TSBDs. This phenomenon is supposed to make consulting firms pay more attention to the living standard of TSBDs.  TSBDs can be described as combat troops; they also need ammunition, better combat strategy knowledge, as well as the motivation to keep the spirit to fight.

Do not let happen phenomenon that a winning to get the project is the end of the existence of TSBDs and eventually forgotten …. Cause tough TSBDs is one of the most valuable assets for a consulting firm.

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