In the online project procurement process, upload bidding documents is the final activities of a process series of preparation and arrangement of the bidding documents. Unlike the non-online procurement, the documents need to be submitted at online procurement system is in the form of "softcopy" through the uploading process. The speed of upload process is highly dependent on the amount of files memory, internet connection, the busyness level of procurement committee server and the used computer / laptop itself.

Process of bidding documents upload will not be a stressful thing if all documents to be uploaded already prepared and neatly maximum during a day before the deadline. Conversely, if at injury time the documents to be uploaded still disheveled, the upload process will be very stressful and "terrifying" for the parties involved in it.

The above situation will be chaotic if the memory files to be uploaded very large and server’s network of procurement committee feels slow in connections (sometimes often error) or unexpectedly electricity network termination In this condition, the adrenaline speed will increase every second, especially for personnel who assigned to upload the bidding documents. Considering risk factors (read: At Injury Time, One Second could Mean Billions of Money) and the level of psychological tension, at the injury time just a few personnel who have the bravery to upload bidding documents, especially if it failed to upload, then this personnel indirectly will be as "blamed object".

In an effort to avoid the conditions which the tender document uploaded is as an arena of bravery test, the preparation team should arrange bidding documents maximally and as well as possible so the upload process can be carried out not at injury time …. or you really want to always feel the bravery test (not recommended).

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