As described in the previous article that the curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that provides an overview / minutes of experiences and qualifications of a person in a specific time period. Although CV is a reflection of the qualifications that we have, but most of us only use it for certain purposes and store our CV neatly in form of hardcopies and softcopies. The archives of CV in softcopies, most of us are still using the hard disk (external or internal) or flash disk or other similar devices.

By storing archives of our CV as mentioned, it is definitely only ourselves who know of its existence or just a few people who know our CV. If associated with the business, it can be said the CV is one of the tools to market ourselves to the outside world. The fewer people who know our CV, the chances of other people to know our qualifications will also be more limited.

Referring to the above rationale, then in the era of information and communication technology, the virtual world is one of the most effective media to come to market our CV. Rather than we save on the hard disk, it would be better if we upload our CV in the virtual world due there will be more to reach the targets. Many sites that provide the facility to upload a document (can find on Google Search), so we can access it from anywhere. One other thing, when we upload our CV to the virtual world, we need to add tags / keywords related to the qualifications that we have so that it will be easier for search engines in indexing our CV file.

Tags / keywords that are indexed by the search engines will help direct the searchers to the information related the qualifications as we have. To expand the "cruising" our CV in the virtual world, we should upload the CV in English version. While our CV surfing the internet to market us to the public, in parallel we can market our CV in the real world. Often unexpectedly, we were contacted by someone related to the personnel qualification requirements as we have. The condition indicates the CV that we uploaded in the virtual world successfully carries out their duties properly. Good luck.

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