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(CLOSED) Peluang Proyek: Mixed Method Process Monitoring and Evaluation of the FDS PKH Program

Request for Tender: Mixed Method Process Monitoring and Evaluation of the Family Development Sessions (FDS) in Indonesia’s PKH Program

PRSF is a joint program between the Government of Australia and the Government of Indonesia (GOI) to improve the quality of policy advice for poverty reduction programs in Indonesia. The selected consultancy firm/research institution is expected to assess the effectiveness of the FDS implementation from the supply side perspective, mainly focusing on the processes adopted by GOI at the central level and at the local level to successfully deliver and implement the program; and to assess the PKH beneficiaries’ reception of the FDS intervention primarily in terms of their motivation and learning, while also looking for early signs of behavior change and impact.
The success of the intervention begins with the facilitator training and the facilitators delivering FDS module content effectively in order to ensure that transition PKH beneficiaries actively participate in and enjoy the activities.

The training modules seek to educate poor mothers and promote sustainable behavioral changes to break the cycle of intergenerational transmission of poverty over the long term. Beneficiaries who actively participate in and enjoy the FDS activities will see the benefits of the FDS module contents and ultimately change their behaviors, which over the long term will help them exit poverty.

Deadline for proposal submission: 23 December 2014 at 5pm

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