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Peluang Proyek: TA-8326 INO: : Strategic Advice on Financial Sector Development

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to indirectly manage a series of independent, complex and inter-related work-streams, through the macro-overlaps, in an effort to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of financial sector development efforts. There will be three primary long-term outputs, or deliverables, to be implemented as follows:

  • Cross Sector Product and Services Development Strategy
  • Consistent Cross Industry Regulatory Policy and Action
  • Greater Consumer Awareness and Improvement in Market Conduct

To this end, OJK, through the Office of the Chairman, has requested a comprehensive, two-part TA engagement. The 1st phase, which will run for a term of 6 months and is the subject of this TOR, will focus on the initial planning through which a prioritized development agenda is identified.

This phase will rely on abbreviated diagnostics of the current legal and operating infrastructure as supplemented by existing diagnostics published by development partners. The firm will provide dedicated experts to serve on multiple workgroups dedicated to the 3 primary macro-overlaps as follows; Product and Service Development Working Group, Market Access Working Group, Regulatory Harmonization Working Group, Integrated Surveillance/Enforcement/Investigation Working Group, Technology and Business Process Working Group, and the Market and Internal Education Working Group.

To support these groups, OJK has requested that the firm provide individual experts with a variety of expertise covering product development or financial engineering, market access, regulation and supervision, surveillance and enforcement, and market education

Deadline of Submitting EOI: 10-Jan-2015 11:59 PM Manila local time

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